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Johann Strauß: Die Fledermaus

27. Januar 2009
Tokyo, New National Theatre United States

The premiere of this production was in June 2006. This will be the second performance of this production. We can represent six great singers for the main roles. Alexander Joel is a distinguished conductor and has been very active notably in Germany with wide repertoire. Otsuki Takashi, a young rapidly rising tenor, is cast as Alfred. This is a well balanced and suitable cast to celebrate the new year.


Afternoon of the last day of the year. Gabriel von Eisenstein, staying with his wife Rosalinde at their villa outside Vienna, is angry: a mistake by his attorney is about to land him in jail. But at the urging of his friend Dr. Falke, he is secretly headed that evening for a ball at Prince Orlofsky’s mansion, giving his wife the pretext that he is turning himself in at the jail. At the elegant ball, following Falke’s instructions, Einstein has disguised himself as someone else; he flirts with a beautiful masked woman, not realizing it is his wife. Reporting to jail the next morning, Einstein accuses Rosalinde, who has also come running to the jail, of adultery. But she pulls out the watch he had given the masked woman the night before, and he is caught red-handed. Falke, the mastermind of this farce, now appears, and there is a grand finale-blaming it all on champagne.


Gabriel von Eisenstein: Johannes Martin Kränzle
Rosalinde: Noemi Nadelmann
Frank: Rupert Bergmann
Orlofsky: Elisabeth Kulman
Alfred: Otsuki Takashi
Dr. Falke: Markus Brück
Dr. Blind: Okubo Mitsuya
Adele: Ofelia Sala
Ida: Hirai Kaori
Frosch: Franz Suhrada

Orchester: Tokyo Symphony Orchestra
Chor: New National Theatre Chorus

Dirigent: Alexander Joel

Inszenierung: Heinz Zednik
Bühnenbild und Kostüme: Olaf Zombeck
Choreografie: Maria Luise Jaska
Licht: Tatsuta Yuji


Johann Strauß: Die Fledermaus



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